Music director at Trinity Lutheran Church


  1. The music director at Trinity Lutheran Church, Westbrook, Maine, shall perform the duties as listed below. Special accommodations may be negotiated in special circumstances such as the covid pandemic, weather events, extended illness.
  • Select, prepare and play organ/keyboard/piano music as required at a service of worship on Sunday mornings and during special services on Christmas Eve, Ash Wednesday, midweek Lenten services (if held at Trinity), Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and possibly Easter Sunrise.
  • Participate in occasional ecumenical services such as Thanksgiving and Advent. 

  • Lead the congregation in the singing of hymns and other service music. 

  • Choose the hymns inconsultation with the Pastor.
  • Be responsible for ordering appropriate music and submitting the invoices for reimbursement. 

  • Select music, rehearse,, direct and accompany the music sung by the choir(s) and soloists.
  • Train and develop the choir(s) by conducting regular rehearsals at times mutually agreed upon by the musician and the choir(s). 
Choirs do not typically rehearse or sing during summer months.  
  • Be intentional about including members from other countries or cultures in choirs and other venues and include their music traditions in the selection of music.
  • Oversee the care of the church organ and piano(s).
  • Provide music, if requested, for weddings and funerals in the Church. The minimum fee for weddings shall be $200 which includes attendance at the rehearsal and a consultation with the bride/groom to plan the music if requested. The minimum fee for funerals shall be $150.  These fees will be payable by the bride/groom or family of the deceased. Collection of these fees will be the responsibility of the musician.
  • Compensation will be based on education and experience.
  • Submit a resume by September 1 to Pastor Karen Indorf, Trinity Lutheran Church, 612 Main St. Westbrook, ME 04092, or by email to cansbiz at gmail dot com.