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We’ve come to the last post in this series about MCC’s new mission, vision, values and strategy statements, adopted by our Board of Directors this past June.

Reflection by Marge Kilkelly

First Parish Church in BrunswickSeptember 17, 2023 I realize that many of my friends are not involved in religion, and some have been injured by religion. I understand that. However, for me, it is a critical part of… Read More

Reflection by Ed Rea

St. Alban’s Episcopal Church, Cape ElizabethAugust 20, 2023 From the first reading: “I tell you this to break your heart,by which I mean onlythat it break open and never close again to the rest of the world.” When your… Read More

“love of neighbor”

Last time in this blog series, we introduced you to our newly adopted mission, vision, values and strategy statements [ Blog #1] and did some unpacking of the new mission/vision statement.

This time, we’ll unpack the values undergirding and shaping MCC’s work and witness.


Following a year-long process of careful listening and deep discernment, MCC’s Board of Directors adopted new mission, vision, values and strategy statements on June 22, 2023, enthusiastically committing to moving boldly forward into the organization’s future while treasuring its 85-year history of faithful ecumenical witness and work in Maine.

An Easter Egg Hunt in the Shadow of the Cross

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“Dead Man Walking”

“This morning, during chore time, the student who was responsible for feeding the gerbils noticed that Whitey [I kid you not, so help me God, the classroom gerbils were named Whitey and Blackie!] …the child noticed that Whitey wasn’t moving around in his cage.

Changing the Things We Cannot Accept

Last Thursday, hundreds of people came to the State House in Augusta for an historic event: the Chiefs of the Wabanaki tribes delivered the first State of the Tribes address in more than 20 years.  They spoke to a joint session of the Maine State House of Representatives and Senate and their honored guests. Click HERE to watch the video recording.

The Other Good Samaritan

The conversation Jesus of Nazareth has with the Samaritan woman at the well (John 4:5-42) is the longest dialogue he has with anyone in any of the gospels—longer than those he has with his disciples, or with his accusers, or even with his own family members. 

The assigned text for the third Sunday of Lent this year, the story of this conversation


In our faith communities this March, let’s celebrate the women who tell our stories, including women preachers.

In Maine’s history, one of the woman preacher-storytellers whose story could be celebrated in your church or meeting this month is Rev. Margaret K. Henrichsen.  She was a young widow who, in the 1940’s, came to Maine to serve