About us

Our Mission

To speak with a prophetic voice of faith, connecting people within, through, and beyond the church to create a more just, compassionate, and peaceful world.

About us

Founded in 1938, the Maine Council of Churches is a nonprofit, ecumenical coalition of seven mainline Protestant member denominations, all of whom have their roots in Hebrew and Christian scripture. Our seven members have 435 congregations in Maine with more than 55,000 members in their care.  We also have two associate member congregations who are not affiliated with a member denomination, and one cooperating body denomination.

Click here for a list of our members along with links to their websites.

Our mission is to inspire people within, through and beyond the church to unite in building a culture of justice, compassion, and peace.  We accomplish this by:

Our $145,000 annual operating budget is supported by a combination of annual donations from our member denominations and associate member churches (these donations constitute about 1/3 of our income), donations from individuals and local congregations (we rely on these for the majority of our income from donations), grants, and income from assets that are invested socially responsibly.

Our Board of Directors consists of seven representatives appointed by the member denominations and seven at-large Directors elected by the members. They are a true “working Board” and the Council would not have the capacity or impact it has without them. Click here for a list of our current Directors.

Our Staff includes an Executive Director (half-time from 2012-2021, now full-time for a designated term 2021-2024), an office administrator who works about 10 hours/week, and a bookkeeper who works 2 hours/month.

Click here to read a history of MCC from 1826-2008, “Common Ground, Common Good: The Story of Maine’s Uncommon Council of Churches” by the late Douglas W. Cruger.”

Watch our YouTube Videos “Common Ground, Common Good”  to view the history of the Maine Council of Churches.

Part I     1869-1944

Part II    Post WWII-1970
Part III     1970-2008