Join key stakeholders from across the state to map out solutions to homelessness in Maine

Thursday, October 20, 2022
Holiday Inn by the Bay, Portland

Homelessness is an escalating crisis throughout Maine. This crisis is driven by a wide range of factors including impacts related to the pandemic, a lack of affordable housing and accessible emergency shelter, and an increase in the number of people needing support for managing substance use disorders and behavioral health issues.  

To reverse this crisis, significant system change is needed. First and foremost, we must come together as a community to identify the most important issues facing us today, the changes we expect to see in the next few years, and what we need to do right NOW to help people facing homelessness in Maine. This is the moment for us to assess the lessons learned throughout the pandemic and to build momentum on new, scalable initiatives to end homelessness, including state-wide service hubs, wellness shelters, Built for Zero, and more. 

Preble Street and Atlantic Charitable Foundation invite you to join us on Thursday, October 20, 2022, in Portland to be a part of this critical conversation. You and other key stakeholders throughout the state — leaders from social services agencies and nonprofits, clergy, funders, people with lived experience, and business, civic, and political leaders — need to be a part of this conference to map out the solutions for Maine to tackle this growing issue.