• 8th Annual Faith Community Connecting for Substance-Free Youth Forum

    When: Wednesday, February 5, 2020 from 8:30-10:30 a.m.
    Where: Pineland Farms, Conference Center, 16 Pineland Drive, New Gloucester
    Who: Faith Community Representatives, Faith Leaders, Youth Leaders and others who influence youth

  • In Solidarity with the Jewish Community

    The Maine Council of Churches joins religious and ethnic communities standing up against the growing anti-semitic outrages that have been occurring at an alarming rate.The American Jewish Committee, the nation’s oldest human rights organization, has asked the American Jewish community to display stickers on their websites read that read “#Jewish and Proud.” The AJC has also asked those non-Jews who support the national protest against anti-semitism to display a similar “Ally” sticker.
    We stand in solidarity with our Jewish brothers and sisters.

  • Maine Voices: It’s time to tell Americans the whole truth about CIA torture program

    A new movie based on a Senate Intelligence Committee investigation makes clear how much we still don’t know.

  • Faith groups exploring solar power possibility

    The effort is being led by the Episcopal Diocese of Maine, but is open to all faith groups.