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    Maine Together

    Currently, federal funding helps ensure that more than 30,000 Maine households have a safe and affordable place to call home. But the demand for affordable homes in Maine far exceeds the supply. Avesta Housing and other housing organizations around the state are working to change that.

  • 2020 National Gathering & Lobby Day

    Join us in Washington, D.C., April 24-27, 2020 for this important gathering of Christian advocates and activists. We will worship, delve deeply into the pressing issues of the day, and lift our voices by speaking truth to power on Capitol Hill.

  • On March 3rd, you can protect all Maine’s children from deadly diseases by voting NO on Question 1.

    March 3 – REMEMBER TO VOTE! Even if you’re not a registered Democrat voting in the primary that day, it’s still important to go to the polls and vote no on 1 to protect Maine’s children.

  • In Solidarity with the Jewish Community

    The Maine Council of Churches joins religious and ethnic communities standing up against the growing anti-semitic outrages that have been occurring at an alarming rate.The American Jewish Committee, the nation’s oldest human rights organization, has asked the American Jewish community to display stickers on their websites read that read “#Jewish and Proud.” The AJC has also asked those non-Jews who support the national protest against anti-semitism to display a similar “Ally” sticker.
    We stand in solidarity with our Jewish brothers and sisters.