• May is National Foster Care Month!

    Maine Needs Foster Families and
    Respite Providers Urgently.

    Can you refer someone who would
    be a great caretaker?

  • Read our Testimony IN OPPOSITION TO:

    LD 51
    LD 1098
    LD 1209

  • “Dead Man Walking”

    “This morning, during chore time, the student who was responsible for feeding the gerbils noticed that Whitey [I kid you not, so help me God, the classroom gerbils were named Whitey and Blackie!] …the child noticed that Whitey wasn’t moving around in his cage.

  • Changing the Things We Cannot Accept

    Last Thursday, hundreds of people came to the State House in Augusta for an historic event: the Chiefs of the Wabanaki tribes delivered the first State of the Tribes address in more than 20 years.  They spoke to a joint session of the Maine State House of Representatives and Senate and their honored guests. Click HERE to watch the video recording.