Be A Good Apple! Local Foods Covenant Project

The average plate of food in Maine has traveled more than 1800 miles. Most foods today are produced on large, highly mechanized farms, using toxic petroleum-based herbicides and pesticides and employing underpaid and poor workers for some of the harvesting and processing. Fossil fuel consumption in the production, packaging, and transportation of food contributes significantly to global warming. Here in Maine, buying local foods and supporting our neighbor farmers are significant contributions we can make to curb global warming and air pollution.

Over 50 congregations have participated in our congregation-based pledge project that invited households within congregations to pledge to purchase at least $10 of Maine food per week. We continue to develop resources and materials that will assist members of the faith community and others to access and use local food products year-round.

For more information about local food producers, contact our partners on this project, the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA)
and Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance (NAMA).