Communion with Local Elements

We invite Maine congregations to participate in a Communion Sunday initiative that brings us together in spirit and provides a connection between our body and soul, our food and faith. We invite you to use locally produced wine,… Read More

Be a Good Apple! Local Foods Covenant Project

The average plate of food in Maine has traveled more than 1800 miles. Most foods today are produced on large, highly mechanized farms, using toxic petroleum-based herbicides and pesticides and employing underpaid and poor workers for some of… Read More

Fishes and Loaves: The covenant between land and sea

Congregations interested in exploring more deeply the connection between the health of the ocean and the health of Maine’s local economy and people might consider offering our “Fishes and Loaves” program. This 4-part series of videos, personal and… Read More

Love Thy Neighbor: Feed the Hungry

The program is a “Study Circles” modeled program. It comes with detailed instructions, videos, and suggested research and press articles and suggestions for prayer. Forms for facilitators are also available. There are three of options for delivery of… Read More

Food and Faith

Food is perhaps our most fundamental connection to the earth and to each other. The creation stories of Genesis speak of the abundance of the earth and the perils of ignoring its limits. Jesus used meals as an… Read More

Environmental Justice

Despite our diverse histories and traditions, the member denominations of the Maine Council of Churches share a vision that we humans have an obligation to protect and nurture God’s creations, from the smallest microbes in the sea to… Read More

Our mission

Rooted in the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures, our mission is to inspire congregations and persons of faith to unite in good works that build a culture of justice, compassion and peace.