Action Alert on Gun Safety

You may have seen the news that the Governor’s gun safety bill was released last week, calling for expanded background checks, changes to the yellow flag law, and mental health proposals. Two other bills were just released this Wednesday, along with an amendment for a third: Senator Rotundo’s bill on a 72-Hour Waiting Period, Speaker Talbot-Ross’s bill on Public Safety and Mental Health, and Senator Carney’s amendment to address bump stocks and similar devices in her bill on forfeited firearms in law enforcement custody.

The legislature has announced that the public testimony on all 4 gun safety bills will be held next week.

MCC’s trusted partner organization, The Maine Gun Safety Coalition, is offering a special online training Monday, March 4, at 5pm, to help prepare people to testify for these gun safety and mental health bills. The training will start with information on how to testify for those who have never done it before. Then they will provide information about the individual bills and give you the opportunity to ask questions that you have about the various bills. Register for the MGSC training HERE. (Also check out Maine Council of Churches’ simple, user-friendly guide on how to submit testimony in writing or in person.)

Action Alert: Show Up in Augusta on Thursday, March 7

We are asking everyone who can to come to the State House in Augusta on Thursday, March 7. It is vital we have a large, passionate crowd on Thursday, March 7 who can continue to convey to legislators the urgency of passing strong gun safety legislation this year. SIGN UP HERE IF YOU PLAN TO SHOW UP ON MARCH 7

Offer Testimony on Thursday, March 7

While we hope that all of the bills will gain support, The Maine Gun Safety Coalition has indicated they MOST need people to show up on Thursday, March 7 at 11:30 am to testify for Background Checks and a real Extreme Risk Protection Order in the Judiciary Committee. The voices of people of faith, especially those who are law enforcement officials, students, hunters, teachers, medical professionals, and mental health professionals, are critical. But having an impressive turnout of ALL supporters testifying is important…so everyone is welcome!!


Important Dates and Info:

Monday, March 4 at 10 am: Testify for Public Safety and Mental Health Bill –  Sign up here

Monday, March 4 at 5 pm: Zoom Training to Prepare to Testify for Gun Safety Bills – Sign up here

Tuesday, March 5 at 11:30 am: Testify for Bump Stock Ban – Sign up here

Thursday, March 7 at 11:30 am: Show Up or Testify for Background Checks and a real Extreme Risk Protection Order. SIGN UP HERE IF YOU PLAN TO SHOW UP OR TESTIFY ON MARCH 7

We are very happy that all four of our gun safety legislative priorities are reflected in the bill language, at least to some extent: Background checks for all gun sales; Extreme Risk Protection Order; 72 Hour Waiting Period; Assault Weapons Ban. Testimony is vital to their success. Plan to join the March 4 Training to learn how to make your testimony as impactful as possible. Register for the MGSC training HERE.