Thinking about resuming in person worship?

In recent days, we at MCC have fielded a number of inquiries from local congregations wondering if this is the right time to return to holding in-person services in their church buildings. 
First and foremost, we encourage churches to consult with their denomination’s leadership for guidance and advice about how to proceed.  This should be the first place you turn.
In addition, we recommend consulting our sister organization, the Wisconsin Council of Churches, who received a federal grant to develop science-based guidelines for churches and COVID safety practices.  (click here for their newest updated publication.)
We also invite you to consider contacting the Maine Indoor Air Quality Council who can provide important information about ventilation and air quality as key elements in helping to make a building COVID-safer.  You can also view a series of EPA webinars about school buildings and COVID-safer air quality here:  Even though the focus is on schools, much of the information is directly applicable to church buildings.
We know how hard these past two years have been for all of you.  Thank you for all you have done (and continue to do) to be both careful and caring as you lead your congregations safely through dangerous and uncharted territory.  Well done, thou good and faithful servants! 

Rev. Jane Field, MCC Executive Director