Returning to Church

In response to the rapidly spreading Delta variant of COVID-19, churches across the state are reassessing their fall ministry plans. Many congregations are choosing to re-instate universal masking, go back outdoors, or go back online. The latest Returning to Church supplement created by our sister organization, the Wisconsin Council of Churches, By Faith We Stand Firm: Ministry in the Era of COVID Variantsoffers advice and theological grounding for congregations as they have these important conversations.

As we continue to mask up to keep our communities safe (especially those who cannot be vaccinated), we encourage you to take some time to assess the masks that you have been using to make sure you have adequate fit and filtration. Dear Pandemic offers a great post to help you think through options.

We also encourage you to be in conversation with those around you about vaccination. We have found the greatest tool for helping those who are hesitant around vaccination is empathetic listening. Rev. Dan Schultz and Eyon Alexander Biddle, Sr. had a great conversation on the WICC Facebook page last week about why we need empathetic listening (instead of just yelling at, or shutting down around, people we disagree with).