Health Care

LD 372 An Act To Provide Maine Children Access to Affordable Health Care

LD 718 Closing coverage gaps in MaineCare and CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program) coverage

LD 996 An Act To Improve Dental Health Access for Maine Children and
Adults with Low Incomes

LD 1045 An Act To Support Universal Health Care

LD 1068 An Act To Restrict Access to Weapons Pursuant to Court Order in Cases of Harassment

LD 1693 An Act To Advance Health Equity, Improve the Well-being of All Maine People and Create a Health Trust

LD 1969 An Act Concerning Equity in Renewable Energy Projects and Workforce Development

LD 1722 An Act To Ensure Access to All Paths to Recovery for Persons Affected by Opioids Using Money Obtained through Litigation against Opioid Manufacturers

LD 1767 An Act To Ensure Tribal Representation in the Public Health Infrastructure

LD 1771 Establish a Genome-editing Technology Advisory Panel  


LD 1861 An Act To Establish the Safe Homes Program


LD 867  Prohibit Mandatory Vaccinations for 5 Years