MCC Blog March 10, 2017

Now more than ever, people of faith are called to speak out for justice, compassion and peace and to become effective advocates with elected officials and policy makers who create and vote on important legislation here in Maine.
That’s why the Council has joined forces with a number of other faith-based advocacy organizations around our state to host the upcoming “Interfaith Advocacy Days” in Augusta.  This event will offer you the opportunity to learn more about pending legislation on hunger, homelessness, climate justice and health care, and to develop important skills for speaking out from a faith-based perspective on these issues with lawmakers in our state capital:
Interfaith Advocacy Days
March 27-28 in Augusta
Join us!  Put your faith into action and make a difference.
Rev. Jane Field
Executive Director
PS: We understand that some folks may not be able to come for both days of this event.  If you can only attend one day, we strongly advise you to attend Monday, March 27–that’s when the workshops, training, speakers and info-sharing will happen.  For those participants who can’t join us at the State House on March 28 to meet with legislators, we will advise you on how to set up in-district meetings back home.