MCC supports the expansion of Medicaid coverage

From the Executive Director

The Maine Council of Churches would like to add its voice to those of the Maine Hospital Association, the Maine Sheriffs Association, the Maine Chiefs of Police Association, and nearly 60 percent of recently polled Mainers in support of Senator Tom Saviello’s proposal to expand Medicaid coverage to more of Maine’s vulnerable and low-income citizens.  The Council, rooted in Hebrew and Christian scripture, takes the biblical mandate seriously to love our neighbors and care for those in need.  We believe it is our collective responsibility to share the means to health through access to health coverage, helping to ensure that all people can live healthy, whole, safe lives, free from the fear that their next illness will mean not only personal tragedy but also bankruptcy, homelessness, or even death. Thirty-two states have already elected to expand Medicaid coverage.  We hope and pray that Maine will become the next to do so.