Resource kit: The Faith Call for Civility in Politics – Resources for Clergy and Local Congregations (PDF)
Sample Newsletter Article


Bread for the World
A campaign to fight hunger through an offering of letters to lawmakers.

Resource kit: Faith Communities Honoring Workers: On Labor Day and Beyond (PDF)

Catholic Charities


The Environmental Priorities Coalition
a group of 25 Maine organizations that share common values on the environment. The Coalition’s website includes a description of legislative issues the Coalition is following as a well as information on how to contact legislators.

An Interfaith environmental organization

Presbyterians for Earth Care
A national Presbyterian grass roots organization helping the Presbyterian Church to fulfill its current environmental policies, to create new environmentally responsible policies and practices, and to equip and educate Presbyterians about earth care ministry.

Maine Interfaith Power and Light
MEIPL partners with Maine’s congregations to make buildings tighter and more efficient, transportation less fuel dependent and diets more responsible.

Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association
A Maine organization that promotes and educates the public and growers about organic farming.

Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance (NAMA)
An alliance of community-based fishermen, fishworkers and allies who promote fleet diversity and advocate for independent fishermen.



Faithful Reform in Health Care
A national network of faith-based activists working for health care reform

National Association of Mentally Ill in Maine (NAMI Maine)
Through support, education and advocacy, an organization dedicated to improving the lives of the one in four Mainers affected by mental illness.

The Howard Detmer Faith Community Nursing Program
The program assists local faith communities in their efforts to provide spiritual, physical, psychological and social care to their members and neighborhoods by facilitating the establishment and maintenance of the Faith Community Nursing Program in community congregations.


Maine Interfaith Power & Light
A non-profit electricity aggregator in Maine that enables individuals and organizations to buy green electricity from wind power.


Connecting through the workplace to support a clean and healthy environment, fair treatment for all, and safe, livable communities.

The Maine Military & Community Network
An alliance of community, military, government and private groups aiding military members and their families.

Cover Maine Now (healthcare)
Environmental Priorities Coalition
Faith Leaders Against Gun Violence
Maine Can do Better (economic justice)
Maine Equal Justice Partners and Maine Association of Interdependent Neighborhoods (MAIN)
Maine Immigrant Rights Coalition
Maine Prisoners Advocacy Coalition
National Religious Campaign Against Torture
Maine Council on Aging
AG task force on human trafficking
Maine Military Family Commission