MCC Programs

Despite our diverse histories and traditions, the member denominations of the Maine Council of Churches share these values: respecting the dignity of each human being; recognizing the duty to protect the Earth; and valuing a political system that encourages civil discourse.

This section of our website provides programs to enable churches and individuals to feed the hungry, buy local food, campaign against torture, and much more.

Economic Justice
The Maine Council of Churches encourages a society where employees are paid a living wage, everyone has affordable healthcare, and government provides for those most vulnerable — be they poor families or new immigrants – until they can get on their feet.

Environmental Justice
As the Council advocates for the most vulnerable people through our Economic Justice programs, so we watch over our fragile Earth through our Environmental Justice programs. Much of our work is done in conjunction with the Environmental Priorities Coalition,, a group of 25 Maine organizations that share common values on the environment. The Coalition’s website includes a description of legislative issues the Coalition is following as a well as information on how to contact legislators.

Human Rights
Respecting the dignity of human beings is a core Christian value. To that end, the Council shares prayers for peace under this section, advocates against death penalty legislation and fights torture of prisoners and detainees. In 2014 the Council successfully persuaded U.S. Senators Angus King and Susan Collins to support full disclosure of the Congressional investigation into the CIA’s interrogation techniques.

Civil Discourse
The Board of the Maine Council of Churches believes the fate of our democracy depends upon truthful and respectful interactions among us all, especially when we hold differing views. To express this belief, we adopted a Covenant for Civil Discourse to be followed by all elected officials and candidates for public office in Maine, as well as individuals, campaigns, faith communities and other organizations engaging in issues in the public square.

Opioids and Overdose Crisis
In May of 2019, the Maine Council of Churches convened a statewide symposium on the faith community’s response to the current overdose crisis. The event included the voices of those directly impacted, those providing direct services, law enforcement officials, and faith leaders currently working to address the issues of substance use disorder, overdose, harm reduction and recovery. We are grateful for the generous grant from Open Society Foundations that made this symposium possible as well as provided funds to cover expenses for faith leaders to attend national conferences in 2018.