About us

Our Mission

Rooted in the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures, our mission is to inspire congregations and persons of faith to unite in good works that build a culture of justice, compassion and peace.

About us

Sharing common values, the members of the Maine Council of Churches act as one voice to advocate for the disenfranchised, the downtrodden and the protection of God’s creation.
Representing seven denominations, the Council is active in Augusta and beyond. We spread our message by working with partner organizations throughout the state, volunteers and parishioners in our 550 churches.
Begun in 1938, today it is a reliable and effective voice against torture, hunger and poverty and an advocate for justice, compassion and peace.

Click on You Tube Videos “Common Ground, Common Good”  to view the history of the Maine Council of Churches.

Part I     1869-1944

Part II    Post WWII-1970
Part III     1970-2008