Legislative Priorities

MCC Board members, volunteer advocates, members of the Public Policy Committee, and our Executive Director have been testifying, writing editorials and letters to editors, and collaborating with our twelve partner organizations to be sure that the voice of faith is heard in the halls of the State House.

Among the bills we are urging legislators to support are:

Racial Equity:

  • LD 2 Requiring the inclusion of racial impact statements for all legislation
  • LD 1626 Tribal sovereignty
  • LD 1034 Fully funding the Permanent Commission on the Status of Racial, Indigenous and Maine Tribal Populations
  • LD 342 Permanent appointment of a member of the Wabanaki tribes to Marine Resources Advisory Council

Criminal Justice Reform:

  • LD 546 Implement the recommendations for Juvenile Justice System improvements
  • LD 1175 Prohibit excessive telephone, video and commissary charges in Maine’s jails and prisons
  • LD 967 Decriminalization of Drug Possession
  • LD 1552  Provide Reentry Services to Persons Reentering the Community after Incarceration

Climate Care:

  • LD 125 Prohibit aerial spraying of glyphosate
  • LD 489 Pine Tree Amendment
  • LD 1503 Protect Mainers from exposure to PFAs

Health Care:

  • LD 718 Closing coverage gaps in MaineCare and CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program) coverage
  • LD 996 Improve access to dental care for adults with low income
  • LD 759 Amend the Child Endangerment Law to include certain unauthorized access to loaded firearms
  • LD 1771 Establish a Genome-editing Technology Advisory Panel

And MCC is opposing
LD 926, 1401, and 1238, bills that would allow discrimination against transgender persons
LD 96 and 833, bills that would reinstate religious exemptions for vaccinations
LD 867 Prohibit Mandatory Vaccinations for 5 Years
LD 825/851, 748/915, 1229, and 1225 , anti reproductive justice bills