Your Faith, Your Vote

Your Faith, Your Vote

Nearly four centuries ago, Reformation theologian John Calvin wrote, “No responsible Christian can be without a concern for civil government.  Political indifference on the part of Christians is not a mark of superior piety but of defective ethics.” 

Those words still ring true today, not only for Christians, but for all people of faith.  There’s a common misconception that the U.S. constitution banishes God from our public square, but the principle of “separation of church and state” does not mean the segregation of faith from politics, nor does it deny people of faith the right to speak forcefully in the public square. It simply means government cannot pass laws that establish a state religion, give preferential treatment to any religion, or interfere with a citizen’s right to practice their faith.

Thus, it should come as no surprise that the denominations of the Maine Council of Churches urge their members to:

  • Vote
  • Ensure that other citizens can exercise their right to vote
  • Insist that every vote is counted before an election winner is declared
  • Uphold the principle of a peaceful transfer of power after the election

On Wednesday evening, October 21, at 7pm, MCC Executive Director Rev. Jane Field will be a panelist for an online event sponsored by St. Joseph’s College Center for Faith and Spirituality:

This panel discussion will explore how the principles and teachings of different faith traditions (Christianity, Judaism and Islam) inform their followers’ discernment on political issues, especially in an election year.  Panelists include: Rabbi Carolyn Braun (Temple Beth El), Bishop Robert Deeley & Suzanne Lafreniere (Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland), Councilman Pious Ali (City of Portland), and Rev. Jane Field (Maine Council of Churches).  Watch the live stream on Facebook at SJCCFS Conscience and Hope or from the MCC Facebook page.


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