MCC Urges Collins to Vote No On Kavanaugh: She Votes Yes

MCC shared the statement below at a news conference Friday, five hours before Senator Collins announced she would vote to confirm Judge Kavanaugh.

In an unusual move, the Maine Council of Churches is calling for the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to be withdrawn. As a non-partisan organization of seven denominations who represent 434 congregations and 55,000 members in Maine, the Council generally does not support or oppose political candidates, appointees or nominees, focusing instead on the principles and values at stake in elections and in the appointment and nomination process. Up until now, that has been the focus of our conversations with Senator Susan Collins about the Kavanaugh nomination.

However, after Judge Kavanaugh’s testimony last Thursday before the Senate Judiciary Committee, it has become clear to the Council that his appointment to the Supreme Court would be damaging to the very fabric of our nation, and thus it is imperative that his nomination be withdrawn.

The Maine Council of Churches concurs with a statement released October 3 by the National Council of Churches, which is not affiliated with the Maine organization: “Judge Kavanaugh exhibited extreme partisan bias and disrespect towards certain members of the committee and thereby demonstrated that he possesses neither the temperament nor the character essential for a member of the highest court in our nation.”

The Council, long an advocate for civil discourse and integrity in our public servants, is also deeply concerned by a number of Judge Kavanaugh’s statements made under oath during the hearing regarding his high school yearbook entries and history of drinking in high school and college. Several of those statements have been contradicted by classmates and just don’t make sense. The Council has concluded that those statements, as well, make him unfit for a lifetime appointment to a seat on our country’s highest court.

Finally, the Maine Council of Churches is profoundly troubled by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s credible allegations of sexual assault and recognizes this as a moment of national trauma requiring not only prophetic truth-telling about what is morally acceptable and unacceptable, but also pastoral care for survivors and those who love and believe them.

If the nomination is not withdrawn and goes to the full Senate for a confirmation vote, the Maine Council of Churches calls on Senator Susan Collins and Senator Angus King to vote against Judge Brett Kavanaugh, providing us with hope for the future through their profiles in faithful courage.